Project duration:  2 weeks in 2018
School project

Tripi is a school project. The goal was to: "Create an offbeat/unusual concept that answers to a real problem". We had the constraint to use a database of our choice.

After looking among open-source databases, I started from a database of all the trees located in Paris. Quite quickly I came up with the idea of answering a rather important problem: access to public toilets for men and especially women within the capital the French capital city.

I chose the City of Paris because of the current issues about cleanliness. Non-cooperation from shops or various tourist places to open their toilets, lack of equipment in the metro or the lack of cleanliness in public restrooms are the reasons that push many Parisians and tourists on a daily basis to urinate in public places. 

I wanted to understand the issues and problems related to access to public toilets for men and especially women with a survey. I was able to conduct 3 interviews with two girls and one boy and I did an online survey with 150 answers at the end.

This study and the materials I've gathered found that 85% of men urinating in the public space compared to 15% of women. After digging out into these statistics and the reason for this inequality, I've observed that this was not necessarily related to a question of decency, but rather to a question of comfort and equipment for women. Our study also highlighted that the categories of people most concerned about a need to access the public restrooms are students and tourists. 

I have therefore chosen to address this problem with a simple and offbeat concept: Tripi, the application that shows you the nearest tree to urinate.

The main idea is to allow everyone to be able to do their needs anywhere and anytime in Paris by offering an accessible solution, easy to carry and use, a free solution which helps both men and women. The solution would be an app that shows the nearest tree to urinate and a set of cardboard to filter urine as well as to help women to urinate while standing up. We decided to call it Tripi.

Then, we declined the concept in several forms by imagining the communication that there could be around it. The goal of this project was really to submit to make fun of the start-up world trying to solve with a digital solution all the problems of the world.

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