Project duration:  5 days / June and July 2021
Professional project

As a freelance, I had the chance to work on an audit and some mockups for PerformanSe, a company specialized in Soft Skills assessment. The mission was on their main software, WeSuggest.

PerformanSe is a company based in Nantes that helps talent recruiters to find the best profile for their companies. They have 35 years of experience crafting soft skills surveys to support HR in their recruitments campaign. Based on scientific methods, those surveys are tools to decide if a candidate fits an available job position.

They have developed a platform, WeSuggest, that gives the ability for recruiters to set up their own assessments and campaigns. Also, WeSuggest offers the possibility to deeply analyze the results of their soft skills assessments campaign in order to help them in their decisions. This actionable tool is currently being reviewed following user feedback gathered by their sales team.

PerformanSe wants to improve the global experience of the tool which is complex and make it easier for HR to craft and launch soft skills campaign with WeSuggest.

In this context, I had the opportunity to work along with the WeSuggest development team to help them define what could be the WeSuggest experience. As a matter of fact, no designer is currently working at PerformanSe, and they felt this skill set was missing for this project to succeed.

At first, I had the chance to work on a global ergonomic and UX audit of the current solution and the revamped they were working on. The goal was to highlight what could be interesting for this new WeSuggest experience and the threat to a better understanding by the users. It was for me an opportunity to explain what is design and how it works.

Then, thanks to this audit, the PerformanSe team asked me to work on several mockups of two of their main screens to decline, from my work, the global experience of WeSuggest.

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