Project duration:  1 week in march 22 / 3 weeks in february 2023
Professional project

Beetween is a SaaS solution for recruitment management. I had the opportunity to assist them with missions on consulting and prototyping.

Wireframes examples during the mission

I had the opportunity to work as a freelance Product Designer for Beetween, a company based in Rennes that develops recruitment management software. They were looking for design expertise to enhance their various user journeys and create a competitive advantage for their product. I was recommended to them by Performanse, and during my assignment, I assisted the Product team in optimizing the UX of their product.

To begin, I conducted a comprehensive UI audit of the different user journeys. Based on the audit findings, I later joined the team for a three-week mission focused on prototyping and delivery for several design-related needs they had identified.

Working closely with the team, I brought my expertise in design methodologies. For example, I helped the Product teams gain a better understanding of UX Design methodology and how to apply it in their daily work. I also provided advice on recruiting and evaluating candidates for their future Product Designer position, contributing to the definition of key competencies.

One of the major challenges the team faced was their reliance on Adobe XD for prototyping, which made their design process less flexible and more rigid. To address this issue, I structured their UI kit in Figma using a component system and imported their previous work from Adobe XD. This transition to Figma provided them with more flexibility, ease of use, and collaborative capabilities for their design projects.

My work with the Beetween team resulted in product optimization and the strengthening of their UX culture. Through my recommendations, they were able to create innovative designs and improve user journeys for their clients, as well as prepare for the arrival of their new Product Designer within their team.

For more information on this topic, please feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to show you the outcome of my work :)

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