Born with a GameBoy in hand, I abandoned my childhood dream of becoming a paleontologist to focus on the digital world and its many careers. After obtaining a BTS in Communication in Nantes, I spent a year in Quebec where I completed the first year of a Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences.

After completing it and thoroughly enjoying the Quebec landscapes and the city of Montreal, I decided to join ECV Digital in Nantes. As a lover of my hometown, I returned to specialize in the digital field. Passionate about politics, work, societal issues, and history, I enjoy learning new things every day in my personal and professional life.

In September 2017, I joined Akeneo, where I had the opportunity to discover the role of a Product Designer while studying at ECV Digital as an apprentice. I worked on various topics, including product launches, Product Led Growth strategy, and establishing user research processes. In December 2021, I became a Product Designer and then a Lead at Greenly, a company whose mission is to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint through our SaaS platform, which provides carbon footprint assessments. This challenge aligns with my values and desire to have a positive impact on society.

Having left the company in April 2023, I am now open to new opportunities and determined to continue developing my design skills and the human aspect of my profession, which I adore, to make a positive impact on society 💪.

Learn through experiences

The best way to determine whether an idea is good or not is to try it out. Learning is the key to my motivation and curiosity, it's the driving force in my life. I've had the opportunity to explore numerous subjects on various topics, and I am passionate about constantly discovering more!

Test & learn

In the schools where I've studied, I've met many talented people and it was an inspiration. The ability to work with people with different backgrounds was an important part of my scholarship. I think that today, it explains why I like to work in a collaborative way.

The pleasure to teach and help

I have found independence and freedom through work, especially with the changes that have occurred in recent years, such as remote work and freelancing. This freedom now allows me to do what I love the most, which is sharing my knowledge, observations, and learnings with the teams I encounter.